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Consulting Engineers

In the case of economic problems, companies are first viewed purely from the business side, and appropriate measures are then derived from this, e.g. savings in the research and development area, staff redundancies or other measures.


Business management problems are usually based on technical problems in production as well as organisational problems in the operational process. Business management measures may improve the operating result in the short term, but they do not solve the technical and organisational problems and thus do not lead to long-term success.

Our team, our philosophy

We focus on technology without neglecting the commercial side. Our team consists of top specialists from the various areas from technology to business administration.

To every problem, the right solution

We look at the company from both the technical and the business side (holistic approach) and therefore we will find a technically scientific and economic solution to every problem.

Work areas

Our team specializes in a wide variety of services. You can find additional information and resources under News.

Basis of our consulting

Business analyses form the basis of our consultancy. Analyses specially tailored to the stakeholders show the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

Together with you, we look at the situation of your company and compare the determined key figures with industry-standard key figures (benchmarking).


Unsere Analysen:

  • Company analysis
  • Sector and market analyses
  • Short appraisal
  • Analysis of annual financial statements

Starting points for our advice

Based on our analyses, we define the starting points for our consultancy. We use a variety of research methods in order to be able to quickly make realistic and up-to-date statements about the economic and financial situation of a company or location. This is the only way to make reliable forecasts about the future development of the company.

Holistic consulting approach

Flexibility and speed are decisive factors for companies today in order to keep up in the global market. In addition to flexibility and speed, the right strategy is of great importance.


With the right strategy to success

Companies also have to stay on the ball strategically. In times of crisis, it is important to act on one's own initiative in order to emerge stronger from crises and thus gain a competitive advantage. Attack is the best defence, just like in football. Only those who develop a new strategy in time to deal with changing conditions, or who already have one in the drawer, will always be among the winners, even in times of crisis.


Consulting as a concept for success

Entrepreneurs and companies that seek advice are more successful than others because new impulses come into the company through the advisor. With the right advisors and the right strategy, success is then pre-programmed. It is important to recognise the opportunities that present themselves and to implement them accordingly. This is where we support the companies.

The way out of the crisis

We clarify technical, economic, financial and organisational issues in your company when it finds itself in an economically difficult situation. We support you with our advice to restore your company's competitiveness and performance.



  • Thorough analysis of the company's situation
  • Determination of the crisis stage and analysis of the causes of the crisis
  • Statements on the company's ability to continue as a going concern, solvency, over-indebtedness
  • Drawing up a mission statement for the reorientation of the company
  • Drawing up short-, medium- and long-term measures to overcome the company crisis
  • Implementation of the measures in the company

We do not leave you alone

The best problem analysis alone is of no use to an ailing company if a solution strategy is not developed which can be implemented in practice and which also stabilises the company in the long term. We develop solutions and implement them successfully in practice. This is our credo and also the secret of our success.

Corporate success through risk management

Fluctuating exchange rates, commodity prices and interest rates can unexpectedly take away the basis of commercial calculations and significantly influence business results. Professional risk management, however, makes the causes, correlations and effects of these risk factors transparent. In this way, market price risks can be controlled, managed in a targeted manner and the opportunities derived from them can be used for your company's success.


Intelligent risk management

In addition to planning security and the hedging of binding rates, intelligent risk management offers you the opportunity to participate in different price and rate developments on the foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity markets.


We support you

We support you with our comprehensive know-how and a wide range of modern instruments, tailored to your individual hedging strategy and risk acceptance. We help you to systematically limit or completely eliminate currency, commodity price and interest rate risks, or at least to keep their liquidity-related consequences manageable.

Innovative, flexible and project-oriented

With interim management, the diverse entrepreneurial challenges can be mastered in a goal-oriented and efficient manner. We have well-founded, positive reference experience and provide new impetus for making strategic and operational decisions in consultation with the management.



  • in management and plant management
  • in crisis and project management
  • in consulting and coaching

Our competence

  • Well-founded professional / academic education in the technical and / or business field
  • Many years as managing director / plant manager, many years of leadership and project management experience in upper management
  • Well-founded industry and technical knowledge in a wide range of economic sectors
  • Entrepreneurial approach
  • Goal- and result-oriented work and management style

Project management support:

  • Professional consulting or
  • Transaction of the entire project or
  • Taking over the project management
Assessment of the feasibility of projects in terms of:
  • Economic efficiency
  • Technology and
  • Time
Further advantages for external project management:
  • Realistic estimation of project efforts
  • Realization on schedule and within budget
  • Integral concept for goal-oriented and efficient project control and project implementation
  • Bridging between consulting and implementation

Optimizing manufacturing processes

With a trained eye for problems and a sure sense for inefficiency, we record the overall situation, weak points and potential for improvement. In doing so, we do not limit our activities and measures to manufacturing alone, but analyse the entire value-added chain as part of a holistic corporate approach.


Goals of a holistic approach

  • Operational functions should be performed close to production
  • Focus on cross-departmental process optimisation and CIP
  • For a holistic view of the production process, new tasks and processes must be defined for the following areas of responsibility:

1. Preventive quality management

2. Planning / optimization of the manufacturing process ("Industrial Engineering")


Our competence

  • Production design, technical and cost planning as well as realisation of production lines
  • Automation of production processes
  • Efficiency increase in manufacturing and process optimisation
  • Determination of costs along the value chain
  • Solving quality problems in production, conducting quality circles

Company sale

In order to sell a company, good business planning with a clear strategy is necessary. It is the basis for the further procedure and the exchange of information with the interested party.

We offer competent support and assistance throughout the entire sales process.


Succession planning

In succession planning, we support you in the search for and selection of a successor, in the development of a handover concept, in the preparation as well as in the execution of the handover. We see ourselves as advisors who take into account the needs of all parties involved, point out possible solutions to the needs, guide the parties involved through the entire succession process and drive the succession process forward in a constructive and positive manner.


Structured company search

You want to expand and to do so you want to add a new business field or a new division to your company. To do this, you are looking for a strategic partner or a company to buy. With our structured company search we help you to find the right partner or the right company to buy and to integrate it successfully into your company or your group of companies.

Business management optimization

For most companies it can make sense to carry out a business optimization prior to the sale of the company and to gear it specifically to the planned sale.


Optimal purchase price target

If a company generates only low profits or even losses, an improvement of the business situation is necessary in order to achieve an optimal purchase price. A company with low or negative returns attracts few prospective buyers and the desired purchase price cannot be achieved.


Strategy project for value assessment

The better the company is positioned in business terms, the higher its attractiveness and value (sales price). A strategy project for value development can therefore be a worthwhile investment for the sale.

We analyse, work out ways and develop strategies for the future. We not only make your production more efficient, but we also make your marketing and sales visible and thus attractive to the buyer. This is how the value of your company can be successfully increased.