DiWiTech - Engineering Practice

Dr. Dieter Pfannstiel, founder and owner of the DiWiTech engineering practice, advises you on all technical, scientific and economic questions concerning the development of new products, their quality as well as the successful implementation in the production.

The basis for his advice and his services is his long-term industrial practice and his comprehensive problem-solving competence. Through his system-oriented approach and practical and implementation-oriented thinking and working methods, the implementation of the developed solution proposals up to the finished product is ensured.

Core competencies

Automation concepts

Product development

Hard- and software development

Test automation


Future opportunity for flexible professional education of employees, decentralized and worldwide.

Technical Article

An easily understandable written technical article creates a positive effect for the product and the company. A professional article works extremely well as a public relation tool.

Specialist Seminars

Continuous training as the key to success. From the practitioner for the practitioner is the slogan of the DiWiTech seminars.

Work Areas

Our team specializes in a wide variety of services. You can find additional information and resources under News.

Automation concepts


Wherever control engineering approaches are needed in automation technology, innovative solutions are offered:

  • The best automation concepts for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology in the domestic and building sector as well as for cruise ships
  • High comfort and comfort through intelligent control algorithms in combination with innovative strategies for the economical use of natural resources
  • The development of algorithms includes the control of procedural and chemical processes
    wie Anwendungen aus dem Maschinenbau


  • Conceptual design and creation of technical specifications
  • Creation of state machines and block diagrams for the control functions
  • Documentation of the control system and the control algorithms in a functional specification
  • Support in the implementation of the control algorithms in the target hardware
  • Test and optimization of the control system
Product development


  • Continuous support from the product concept to the finished product
  • Take over the complete project management
  • Creation and matching of requirement specifications and system functional specifications
  • Development of hard- and software
  • Design and testing of prototypes
  • Support for approval
  • Selection of suppliers and procurement of parts / components
  • Supervision and optimization of the production
  • Development of the complete product documentation

Die Unterstützung durch DiWiTech gibt dem Auftraggeber die Sicherheit, dass nur diejenigen Produkte realisiert werden, …

… deren Technik und Marktakzeptanz vor dem Markteintritt überprüft sind

… deren Entwicklungszeiten durch Simulationsuntersuchungen drastisch verkürzt werden

… deren Entwicklungskosten durch Simultaneous Engineering und effiziente Methoden minimiert werden

… deren Rationelle Fertigungsmöglichkeit durch den integrierten Planungsansatz frühzeitig garantiert ist

… deren Qualität über ein integriertes Managementsystem sicher gestellt ist

Project management support:
  • Professional consulting or
  • Transaction of the entire project or
  • Taking over the project management
Assessment of the feasibility of projects in terms of:
  • Economic efficiency
  • Technology and
  • Time
Further advantages for external project management:
  • Realistic estimation of project efforts
  • Realization on schedule and within budget
  • Integral concept for goal-oriented and efficient project control and project implementation
  • Bridging between consulting and implementation

James Morse:

"The only sustainable competitive advantage lies in maneuvering the competition innovatively."

A company's turnover or profit comes directly from innovation and not from optimization. Wealth is thus not gained by perfecting existing knowledge, but by not perfectly grasping opportunities in the unknown.


Strategy for successful innovation:

  • Strategic orientation
  • Needs assessment and idea generation
  • Selection and evaluation
  • Research and development program planning
  • Product development
  • Production preparation
  • Production start-up
  • Market launch
Fault Diagnosis

Why fault diagnosis and fault monitoring?

  • Without countermeasures, faults result in malfunctions and failures in a shorter or longer period of time
  • Monitoring should serve to avoid the disturbances and failures as far as possible

The monitoring of technical processes serves to:

  • indicate the current process state
  • report undesired or unauthorized process states
  • initiate appropriate measures

System monitoring with fault diagnosis allows the following improvements:

  • Early detection of small errors
  • Fault diagnosis with indication of fault location, fault size and fault cause
  • Prevention of error propagation through early countermeasures
  • Preventive maintenance or maintenance on demand
  • Remote diagnosis with modern communication tools
  • Improved depth of inspection during quality control
Hard- and software development

Sequence of hardware and software development:

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Creation of a hardware and software concept
  • Estimating the costs for hardware and software development
  • Timing of hardware and software development
  • Execution of hardware and software development


  • Circuit development
  • Circuit layout
  • Simulation
  • Validation and verification


  • Software design
  • Algorithm development
  • Validation and verification
Market studies

Product / competition analysis:

The analysis of the market or the existing product program with regard to functions, components, quality, price and costs is an important basis for strategic product planning.


Market studies and market overviews created so far:

  • Market overview and interfaces of domestic ventilation systems
  • Market overview of heat transfer stations
  • Market overview and interfaces of boiler and heating circuit controls
  • Current status and trends in the heating area
  • Market overview of fault diagnosis functions for heating control systems
  • Market overview of electronic individual room temperature controls and home automation systems
Test Automation

Test stand concept:

  • Conceptual design with the components as well as measuring and control elements
  • Concept for hardware-in-the-loop simulations
  • Testing of control devices under reproducible conditions (initial conditions and sequence)
  • Realistic test scenarios

Operating and monitoring concept for the test stand:

  • Simple usage
  • Clear display of measured and manipulated values in the system diagram
  • Monitoring of the measured and actuating values in a trend graph

Test case generation, testing and test automation

  • Specification of test cases
  • Specification of manual or automated test sequences

Test stand tests

  • Support for test execution
  • Execution of tests on the test stand as a service



Benefits of e-learning for the company:

Benefits for the participants:


Technical Article

The trade press is and remains the number one information medium for decision-makers and developers in the industry. By writing technical articles, entrepreneurs and managers can demonstrate their knowledge of the industry and show their products in use to a wide audience. Writing a technical article also means imparting knowledge. The technical writer acts as a translator and mediator between the technical subject and the reader, turning technical jargon into an understandable article. A well readable written technical article allows positive conclusions to be drawn about the company and functions excellently as a PR instrument.

Here the involvement of Dr. Dieter Pfannstiel (DiWiTech) is advantageous. In addition to his technical background, he brings with him the experience gained from writing over 100 technical articles himself. The articles written by Dr. Dieter Pfannstiel demonstrate a solid understanding of the technical products and their application and present the technical facts in a clear and understandable manner.

Dr. Dieter Pfannstiel is also the author for control and automation technology of the pocket book for heating and air conditioning technology (Recknagel, Sprenger, Albers) and has been writing the overview articles on control and automation technology for the ISH and light&building trade fairs for a lot of years. In addition to writing his own technical articles, he has been working for many years as a technical writer (ghost-writer) for various companies.

Specialist Seminars

Continuous training is the key to success:

DiWiTech offers a range of technical seminars, from basic seminars to special seminars on optimising the operation of heating and solar systems. From the practitioner for the practitioner is the slogan of the DiWiTech seminars.

Basic Seminars:

Advanced control engineering seminars:


Special seminars: